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What is The Cosmic Temple?

The cosmic Temple is a space for sacred community, for connection, finding sovereignty and embodying our authentic path.

From a deep desire to create a loving and transformative space, and share with the world what I believe are important tools for healing and embodiment, came the birth of The Cosmic Temple that I continue to pour my love and soul into.

My mission is for us to find stillness, to connect to our spirit self, to nature, and to live healed, authentic and embodied lives. As we continue to grow together, so does this space. 

Here you will find a network of free resources, paid courses, an online school of ritual set up as a monthly membership portal, and most importantly, a space for exploring what it truly means to be multidimensional, relational beings in the beautiful ecosystem of life.

 My hope is that we may all find our way home. In a way that resonates and feels right to each of us. This space was created from that heartfelt hope and I am grateful to share it with you.  

Why You Should Join

We are all in need of more community and connection. It is a part of who we are as humans. By joining this network you're joining a soul family and safe place where you may grow into and  be authentically you. There are several ways you can choose to engage with this space and with others within it. Whether that's through live or on demand courses, through paid memberships, online ritual events or through the free network. The Cosmic Temple homes all of the exclusive content that you will not find anywhere else aimed to inspire you to live intentional lives rooted in love. My desire is for all of us to feel at home, to forge long lasting connections, and to grow and evolve together.

Your presence matters

I have been dreaming of a space far from the constraints and distractions of popular social media for so long. This temple was created from that dream. Without you, none of it would be possible. I am so grateful for all the people I have the chance to meet and interact with across the globe. What a beautiful gift it is to come together as we learn and connect to our energy, soul, and unique path. Thank you for being here. 

Who is behind The Cosmic Temple?

 Hey there, my name is Amanda (she/her).

I am a spiritual truth seeker, researcher, energy alchemist, ritual facilitator, Reiki master, intuitive mentor, yoga instructor and meditation teacher. My work and passions are deeply rooted in the study and practice of mysticism, energy medicine, herbalism, ritualism and holistic & intuitive healing arts.

I am profoundly called to the work that I do because I truly believe that we are living in a time where soul embodiment, earth connection and healing are truly necessary for the wellbeing of each person and for the world as a whole. 

Sharing the transformative nature of this work is my life mission and I am deeply grateful to be sharing this space with you. 

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